Friends and family if you have ever had nerve damage pain then you understand what I have been going through since Thursday which increasingly became worse Friday and over the weekend. On a scale of 1 to 10 my pain since Friday evening until this morning was at 11 and that was with using massive quantities of over the counter pain relievers – I was desperate!  

Yesterday I went to Dr. Rosemary Harris, who practices acupuncture and the use of Chinese herbs here in Naples, Florida and I am so happy and relieved today to say I am at a pain level of 3 without any pain relievers at all! As I am writing this it is 4pm and that is 10 awake hours without intolerable pain. Rosemary I am your biggest fan – thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Barb Schiering

I met Dr. Rosemary Harris very early during my pregnancy and I knew after my first session already that she would play a big role in my journey to become a mom. Her excellent acupuncture treatments and her amazingly useful health and nutrition tips made my pregnancy the most fulfilling and enjoying experience. No stress, no anxiety, no swelling, no sleepless nights…My favorite acupuncture point was the “beautiful baby point” which she treated every session. 

I am convinced that her experience in the art of acupuncture, her knowledge in Chinese & Herbal medicine, and her passion for helping her patients played a huge part in the birth of the most adorable (beautiful) and healthy baby boy. Her after pregnancy treatments were equally rewarding. She helped me increase my lactation, got my anemia under control fast, and she coached me to get my body back in a safe and healthy way. And not to forget she lifted up my spirit and reinforced very much needed positive thinking to be the best mom I can be.

I will be forever grateful for her advice, her coaching and her genuine interest in my well-being. Thank you, Dr. Rosemary Harris!

Ines Reilly